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SoW: Student's App - Thunder by Kagami-Usagi SoW: Student's App - Thunder by Kagami-Usagi
Student's App for School-of-Wizard

Rules of creating a character app:

-There are 7 different apps that were made for each element,please pick the right app according to your character's element. If you use a different app which doesn't match your character's element,you app will be declined. (Example: Your character is Fire-type element,but you use a blue (Water-type) app instead.

-You must use the font "Gabriola". Size and color doesn't matter as long as it's readable. Other fonts will not be accepted.

-In the "Name" and "Profile" section,write down your characters's:
*Full Name (In the "Name" section only)
*Blood type
*Class (Refer to group's blog for list of classes)
*Feel free to add more if you want,as long as you don't remove any of the one stated above.

-There are 3 types of students and their school; sorted by ages:
*Elementary school: 10-12 Years Old
*Middle school: 13 to 14 Years Old
*High school: 15 to 17 Years Old

-For the "Weapon" section; you must draw you character's specialized weapon that were for prepared for each element. Please refer to group's gallery for list of weapons according to their elements. Like the apps,do not use other element's weapons that is different from your character's element. You may design the weapon yourself according to your likings. Size and number of weapons doesn't matter as long as they still use the same weapon according to their element.

-You are not allowed to make your character as a prefect or a student council member. Only normal students. Only admins are allowed to make their characters as prefects/student council members.

app (c) Kagami and Kogami
School-of-Wizard (c) watashidayo
Miria-chii Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Student General Artist
I thought this was for grass when I finally realise that it's yellow XD
Kagami-Usagi Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
lollol kuning tu warna kontra hijau //slapslap why malay //shoot
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